Online Booking


LABINN is the first Hotel and inn laboratory services provider in Iran.

without the trouble of visiting and getting a doctor’s order, you can schedule an appointment online or with the hotel receptionist and have your blood test the next morning.

Our professionals will draw your blood sample and handle all the details with properly transporting blood sample to the laboratory that same day and after one or two days depending on the tests you chose we will send you the results and it’s report digitally


Our goal is to improve your quality of life by providing you with quick laboratory services without the trouble visiting and getting a doctors order and referring to a laboratory, we will checkup your health and send you the results and it’s report digitally, shortly at a low cost.

Fasting is required (12 Hours)

Why fasting is required? When you eat food and drink alcohol, the food and liquid gets broken down in your stomach and absorbed into the bloodstream, which can affect the levels of certain substances in the blood, such as sugar, minerals, such as iron, cholesterol and other fats, enzymes, such as alkp and GGT

Select Optional Tests:

The cost will be added to your hotel bill.

12 hours of fasting is required for your tests.

Results will be sent to your e-mail.